It’s not the price you pay for membership . . . . . . It’s the price you paid to become eligible

We would like to meet you personally and want you to get to know us and make sure CVMA is what you are looking for.  We believe in Brotherhood/Sisterhood and more importantly we believe in Vets Helping Vets. We have no clubhouse and we are NOT an MC.

We meet every 2nd Sat of the month (usually) at Noon and chapter meetings are held each month at different Florida locations. Varying our meeting location adds variety and presents our members with the opportunity to ride to various destinations around the state. We are a motorcycle association and we do quite a bit of riding.  


Once you have decided that you enjoy riding with us and we are the right fit for you, we have a few things that are required to be a full member of CVMA.   

–You MUST have a DD 214 showing your service as a COMBAT veteran of the US Armed Forces or verifiable official documentation showing a combat award.

–You MUST own a motorcycle, 500 cc’s or larger and have a valid registration.  (Insurance in YOUR name is encouraged as we do ride outside of the state).

–You MUST possess a VALID state drivers license with the motorcycle endorsement.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Honda, Yamaha or Harley Davidson. Just a motorcycle; we’re not picky but it’s helpful to have a fuel range of over 100 miles. Although we do most of our riding on the back roads, your bike should be able to ride at least 70 MPH for a sustained period of time on the freeway. Your bike should also be mechanically sound.

Once we have verified that information and you are ready we can start the application process.

In order to join our association, applicants download and fill out an application from the link here or better yet get one at the meeting.   Along with your application we will need a copy of your DD 214 (showing your combat service or award), a Check or Money Order made out to “CVMA” for membership dues. Applicants MUST also affirm that they have read, initial and sign the “CVMA Patch Agreement” as a condition of your membership. I am unsure of your marital status, once you become a member, Spouses may also apply for membership in the CVMA Auxiliary.  We are a very family friendly organization.

Applications and Annual Dues are nationally directed as follows (subject to change).

• Full Member: $20.00

• Support Members: $10.00

• Auxiliary Member: $10.00

Sign Patch Agreement: FREE

Read Protocol: Applicants must affirm that they have read and understand the CVMA Protocol“. Step 2, re-read CVMA Protocol“. We cannot stress how important this is!!!

After your membership is approved by the National Board please be aware that we also have Chapter Annual Dues of $10.00 (subject to change).

We strongly prefer that you hand deliver the application when you are joining us in one of our meetings, rides or events.  There we can take a look at the application and documents to make sure everything is properly filled out and signed.

Once an application has been approved by our National Organization you will receive an e-mail from them indicating your application has been approved with your member number. (Remember Your Number)   Once approved, and only after approved, members are provided the opportunity to purchase the right to wear an Association patch from our State Quartermaster. As long as you remain a member in good standing, you have the right to wear our patch. When you are no longer a member in good standing, the patch must be surrendered back to the organization. There are no refunds. Association patches will be presented at a chapter meeting or function in a patching ceremony. Patches will not be mailed, delivered or picked up except in rare, unusual circumstances. We will present your patch in a “Patching Ceremony” in front of the chapter members in order to properly welcome you in the true spirit of camaraderie and to show respect for your service.

Please take the time to review the other content on

•CVMA National Website  (

•Our chapter Facebook Page  (

I know I have given you a lot of information.  It really isn’t as difficult as it looks. If you have questions, feel free to Contact Us and we will guide you through the process.  Start working on a road name for yourself now (you really don’t want us to pick one for you!)

Once again, “Welcome Home!” I will contact you once we have established where the next meeting will be held. We usually try to determine meeting locations as far in advance as possible and post it to our calendar on the “Kickstands Up” page.  I look forward to meeting you there,

Gary “ Beave” Cleaveland

CVMA FL 20-2 Chapter Commander